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Bolpur: 3 Must-See Places For A Culturally Enriching Trip in 2022

Bolpur, in West Bengal’s Birbhum district, is one of the country’s most historically and culturally prominent cities. Bolpur is well-known not only in Bengal, but also across the globe. The proximity of this municipality town to Shantiniketan is the most decisive factor in its appeal.

You’ll forget you’re in the twenty-first century when you visit Bolpur. The area is known as “Lalmatir Desh,” or “the region of red soil,” because of the crimson soils surrounding it. There are many other beautiful places to visit near this area that you will be astonished by when you arrive.

Here is a compilation of tourist attractions in Bolpur to visit during your vacations. There are a variety of venues to visit, ranging from ashrams to melas. So, keep reading and take a look!

  • Khoai Mela: Shop Till Your Heart Content

The Khoai Mela is a well-known fair in Santiniketan. Visitors from all around the world, including international tourists, flock to this fair. Because it is hosted beneath the stars and amid nature, the fair is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Bolpur. This fair draws a diverse group of artists who set up shop on the ground.

There are a variety of handcrafted items here, ranging from journals to jewellery to clothing to natural toys for children. You may also find a large variety of home furnishings items manufactured from wood here.

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  • Kankalitala

This very revered temple is located roughly 7 kilometres from the metropolis of Shantiniketan, and it is one of Bolpur’s most prominent tourist attractions. You may either travel up here or cycle up here if you choose. In this part of India, cycling is quite popular. A big percentage of the populace prefers to cycle to school or work. The ascent to this location is calming to both the eyes and the soul. There will be communities to pass through as well as fields to admire. On your journey here, you’ll get to see the splendour of semi-rural India.

  • Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary & Deer Park: A Wilderness Adventure

Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary & Deer Park is an ideal destination for those wildlife enthusiasts looking to explore sites in Bolpur where they can see the city’s wild side. Deer, birds, jackals, and foxes live in the Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary & Deer Park. This location also includes three water bodies worth visiting during your holiday. The Blackbucks and Spotted Deer that can be seen when roaming Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary & Deer Park are well-known. This animal sanctuary is a fantastic place to visit for a weekend break. It is located in Bolpur and has a total area of 200 hectares. Prepare for an exciting adventure in the picturesque city of Bolpur. Take your cameras with you to record the moment.

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