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Santali Culture: A Way of Life, Myths, and Art

Santal’s cultural norms emphasize ethnic identity, as well as social and collective harmony, and community harmony with the spirit of the universe. According to Wikipedia, culture involves the social interactions between individuals within a community as well as their understanding, beliefs, skills, laws, customs, capacities, and habits. Santals’ ‘culture’ is a collective ‘expression’ of their society’s lifestyle; this expression takes many forms, including singing, dance, art, narration, and wall art, and it is passed on to the next generations through practice.

Every time there is a joyous occasion, the community comes together to rejoice. In the event of a crisis, these ideals are not forgotten or overlooked. As well as being a legal issue, it is also regarded as a moral obligation. Their traditional songs give us insight into their heritage, ancestors, and experiences. Stories teach people how to look at life, dances teach them how to dance to the beat of life, and performing musical instruments while singing hymns connects them to the spiritual knowledge of the cosmos.

  • Creativity in arts

 check the spelling is used by men and women while working in the field. Its hand made natural raincoat is made up of leaves. Art is a central aspect of Santal’s lifestyle. Whether be it building houses, painting them or making a bowl, plate out of ‘Sal’ leaf.

  • Patachirtra

It is one of art’s distinctive characteristics. Their experiences, histories, or artistic inventiveness are depicted through the shades and sketches, which reflect their modesty.

  • The Santhal village

Santal’s village is the heart of the community. To have a deeper understanding of cultural differences, one can begin by learning about their communities.

  • The Festivals

Santhal culture showcases its rich culture primarily through two festivals. Sohrai will be the first, and Baha is the second. These celebrations are either  ?? or agricultural. These festivals last for several days and include traditional dances complemented by Tamak, Tumda, or Traditional Musical Instrument folk tunes and melodies.

  • The Folk Dance & Tales

It is one of the distinguishing features of art. The shades and paintings, which show their simplicity, depict their experiences, history, and artistic inventiveness.

Santal’s village is the heart of the community. The ‘Oral Tradition’ encompasses more than just storytelling. Rather, it’s a point of view.  If you wish to learn more about the culture, try going there.

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