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Three reasons why staying at a homestay is always preferable to staying in a hotel

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 As times are changing, a major travel phenomenon has gained a lot of traction, with travel fanatics exhibiting a great deal of interest in homestays to meet the changing demands of Indian travellers.

Folks claim, “Residence is where the heart is.” There’s a reason for that. To think about it, the word ‘home’ creates a sense of belongingness and affection in our hearts. But what exactly is a homestay, so why should you choose one? Let’s take a look.

What are Homestays?

As a quick overview, a homestay is a part of somebody’s home that has been converted into lodging for visitors. The host, generally a local family, typically offers overnight accommodations in their residence for tourists, but the homestay owners may also provide additional services such as lunches, local travel and accommodation, excursions, and more.

Homestays are less intimidating for first-time travellers than large, impersonal hotels. Even for frequent travellers who are all on the move, a homestay is a terrific opportunity to meet new folks and experience a ‘homely environment’ atmosphere. Many individuals nowadays prefer homestays since the hosts’ services are more individualized and affordable.

Why are Homestays better than hotels?

  • Obtain a genuine Local Feel

Travelling is all about trying something new and enjoying the local culture. There is no more real-world experience than spending a few days with a local family in a homestay. While hotels might give luxuries, they rarely allow you to feel a location’s essential spirit. No one understands a place like the locals, and staying in a homestay allows you to truly engage with the community and gain access to insider knowledge.

  •  A Homestay is like a Home Away from Home

After only a day or two of being in a hotel, one begins to miss the comfort and ease of residence. Homestays provide a welcoming environment that makes you feel at ease. You can sit on the balcony and take in the view, walk all-around the home, or do anything else at any point. Isn’t it wonderful to feel at ease and make new friends who become family by the conclusion of your journey? Homestays are the perfect option if you don’t want to feel alone during your holidays.

  • Enjoy the Regional Cuisine

Nothing compares to the comfort of home-cooked food! The delicious home-cooked supper is probably the nicest part of staying in a homestay. Because most hosts are ready to share their family recipes with you, living there allows you to discover everything that goes into the preparations. If you have specific eating guidelines, homestays provide you with the opportunity to customize your experience.

Choose Panthashala, the Ideal Homestay, over a hotel.

A homestay is something that you can do at least once because it allows you to see the place through the eyes of a native. You’ll become excited about the prospect of living at a homestay because of the individualized experiences it provides. Panthashala Guest House is one of the best homestays in Viswa Bharti, offering a wide range of amenities and super deluxe rooms in Shantiniketan. Guests can also hire shuttles to visit nearby attractions, as well as stunning hospitality, of course.