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Homestays in India: Common Myths

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Homestays are not a new concept in India. Several individuals are still unsure about it. Here’s a summary of the explanations they provide, the majority of which are false.

  • It is tough to find a Homestay

Homestays are scattered across the countryside, far from the crowds, and getting there might be difficult. Staying away from the crowds, on the other hand, will undoubtedly be soothing. Spending a few days away from electronics, enjoying legitimate warmth from hosts, and consuming agro-food can help to alleviate the monotony of urban life. In addition, not all homestays are in remote areas. You can verify ahead of time if there is a good road leading to the homestay or if you will have to walk, select your preferred option.

  • Homestays are Filthy and Unhygenic

After examining kitchens in both hotels and homestays, one can attest to the hygiene and cleanliness of the homestays, especially when compared to most hotel restaurants’ kitchens. Furthermore, the cuisine supplied in homestays is generally made with home-grown veggies and prepared in the very same kitchen where they prepare their meals, so you can demand the best. In addition, homestays provide a good range of meals. You must confirm with the host before reserving if they provide non-vegetarian dishes and choose according to your tastes.

  • Staying at a Homestay is not safe

If you are not vigilant, security can be a concern, so take the following precautions to ensure your safety: Before reserving a homestay, inquire whether it is a government-approved homestay and obtain the owner’s license number. Before obtaining a license to operate the homestay, the proprietor must receive a police clearance through numerous channels. Security clearance and license requirements were put in place to ensure tourists’ safety. Alternately, use a referral, a well-known individual, or a reputable platform to book it.

Panthashala, the Ultimate Homestay, over a hotel

A homestay is something that you should do at least once because it allows you to view the area through the eyes of a local. You’ll be enthralled by the notion of living in a homestay because of the diverse experiences you’ll have. Panthashala Guest House in Shantiniketan is one of the top homestays in Viswa Bharti, with a variety of conveniences and ultra-luxurious accommodations. In addition to stunning service, guests can book shuttles to see surrounding attractions. The Panthashala offers the same services and conveniences as other hotels in Shantiniketan, but in a more natural setting.