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Flavours of Birbhum’s Rural Cuisine

Panthashala - Birbhum foods

Bolpur’s rural cuisine, originating and evolving in Bengal, has a wide range of dishes, from appetizers to entrées to desserts. Although there are differences in dietary behaviour, tastes, and inclinations in rural Birbhum foods, the primary dishes largely stay the very same, with rice and different types of curry and fish predominating.

Though there are some of the regional specialities that are offered in the little hamlet of Bolpur, tourists usually prefer typical Bengali cuisine when they travel here. Restaurants and eateries too serve traditional Bengali food rich in varied flavours. Authentic Bengali cuisine is usually simple to make with strong emphasis on lentils, fish and vegetables served with rice as staple. It is the Muslim invasion that brought their recipes characterised by rich spices, extensive use of ghee and increased use of milk, cream and sugar.

Foods in Birbhum bring back the charm of old world cuisine that our grandmothers used to cook in a traditional ‘Rannaghor’. They are simpler to make, easily digestible and absolutely delicious. Panthashala has retained the same charm while serving homely food to our guests. We usually serve various Bengali vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries along with delicious fish and meat preparations. Apart from that, if you want to explore some local cuisine, we can guide you with that:

  • Mecha Sandesh:

Mecha Sandesh is one of the local dishes, a variation of Besan Laddoo dipped in sugar syrup. Besan is prepared by blending Chana Daal or Split Bengal Gram into powder. They are cooked with kheer and sugar into lumps that are further mashed with ghee and green cardamom into the shape of small, round laddoos. Dipped in sugar syrup, the laddoos are dried on ‘Sal’ leaves. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll surely like the taste of Mecha Sandesh.

2. Ghee from Banalaxmi:

Banalaxmi is famous for their pickles, honey, Ghee and handicrafts. It is a Krishi Ashram surrounded by eye soothing greenery with large forested tracts, orchards and a big banyan tree. Situated very close to Panthashala, Banalaxmi sells premium quality Ghee known for its delightful aroma, granular texture and appetizing flavour. You can pack some Ghee for your home too.

3. Fries & Snacks:

Bengalis have an inherent love for fries & snacks. More than a guest house in Shantiniketan, Panthashala has a homely vibe serving variety of fritters and snack items in the evening which is very commonly seen in Bengali households. Popularly known as ‘Telebhaja’, they are the perfect company with piping hot tea or coffee and ‘adda’.

4. Santhali food:

If you like to be a little adventurous with food, try Santhali cuisine. Santhali culture has deeply influenced and sometimes mingled with Bengali culture. Santhali foods are as simple as their lives and are prepared with minimum spices and oil. Green leafy vegetables and non-veg including fish, frog, crabs, ants, rodents, birds, eggs etc. make the most part of their diet. Leto, Jal Pitha are some of their dishes where rice is being used as the main ingredient.

Embark on a culinary journey of Bolpur’s rural cuisine at Panthashala

 Relax and savour the flavours of rural Bolpur cuisine staying at Panthashala, one of the esteemed guest houses near VisvaBharati in Bolpur Shantiniketan. Unlike the food served in hotels and restaurants, we present wonderful, home-cooked food in a rural setting. The food at Panthashala has a greater diversity of flavours and prepared using local ingredients. There are trained cooks at this guest house who prepare breakfast, lunch, and supper following hygienic guidelines.