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Things to watch out before booking a guest house in Shantiniketan for a weekend trip

guest house in Shantiniketan

Shantiniketan is a quaint neighborhood of Bolpur where people from all over the world come to soak in the essence Bengal’s rich culture and heritage. Shantiniketan, as the name suggests is an abode of peace and beauty where people can experience the glory of Tagore’s work and vision in every nook and corner. Places like the Visva Bharati university campus, the Khoai Haat, the Srijani Shilpagram and more are some of the key attractions of Shantiniketan where people get to experience Tagore’s vision up close while enjoying a wonderful holiday amidst the beautiful rustic charms.  

Shantiniketan is a key weekend getaway for most people living in and around Kolkata. As such, most of the good hotels and guest houses here are always booked for weekends and it becomes quite difficult to get a last minute booking here. So, if you are planning a weekend trip to Shantiniketan, you may want to plan ahead and watch out for the following things before making a booking.

Things to Watch out for before Booking a Hotel in Shantiniketan

Location: Visva Bharati is the key attraction of this little university town and you may want to book a hotel here to make the most of your trip to Shantiniketan. There are many remarkable hotels near Visva Bharati where you can enjoy a comfortable stay. These hotels are strategically located close to the university campus and are quite well-connected to the other parts of the city via different modes of transport. Staying in a guest house or hotel like Panthashala would help you enjoy the rural beauty as well as save you a lot of time and hassle in commuting to the other key areas of the neighborhood.

Amenities: The hotel or guest house you book your stay in must have all the amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Presence of an in-house restaurant, lounge area, a well-manicured lawn, a fitness center etc. would certainly ensure a great stay at the hotel. Good room-service, concierge, pick-up and drops etc. are other conveniences that can ensure to a comfortable stay in Shantiniketan.

Rooms: Before booking your stay in any hotel or guest house, you should try to enquire more about the rooms and the overall cleanliness of the place. Panthashala is one of the best hotels near Bolpur Shantiniketan where you get well-appointed rooms with comfortable furniture, ample charging sockets and amenities like a mini-fridge, water kettle and more. The rooms also have attached luxurious bathrooms with running hot and cold water, all kinds of necessary toiletries and more.

Food options: The hotel you book your stay in should not only offer complimentary breakfast but also have a good restaurant where you can enjoy hearty meals with your family. When in Shantiniketan you may want to especially try out authentic Bengali cuisine and even the ‘Thakurbadir Ranna’ (food typical of the Tagore household in the yester years) and all this is possible only when the hotel has a noteworthy restaurant.

Service: Along with the luxurious rooms and good ambience, it is the service of the hotel that really makes the difference. The hotel you book your stay in must have well-trained and amiable staff who are always willing to go that extra mile to make guests comfortable.

You can have the most exciting and fun-filled weekend in Shantiniketan if you are able to book your stay in advance in a quality hotel that provides all these facilities.