Panthashala – your own home in Shantiniketan

The Concept behind Panthashala, Shantiniketan
What we offer is a home away from home for you. A home in Shantiniketan, a home in surrounded by tranquil lush green rural landscape, red soil, bright blue sky in the abode of peace, Shantiniketan. The place is naturally attractive for its colorful horizon and picturesque surroundings. The area is also adorned by splendid sculptures, frescoes, murals, paintings and fairytale gardens. It is quite natural that Bengali people round the globe with an inherent love for Rabindranath Tagore and his creations would love to spend a few days if they had a home to stay here. Panthashala is the answer – their own home in Shantiniketan. Its the best hotel in Shantiniketan and gives the highest value for money.

How it all began
We develop homes at Sree Balaji Group. We are one of the leading developers of residential and commercial projects in West Bengal and are among the first ones to introduce the concept of studio apartments. We have been developing large housing projects in and around Shantiniketan. Sree Balaji Group is the mother concern of Bela Holidays Pvt. Ltd., the owner of Panthashala. We needed to house our project engineers and ourselves. So we built Panthashala. As we planned Panthashala for ourselves, the rooms are designed to provide homely comfort and warmth. Bengali people from all corners of the world have a soft corner for Tagore and Shantiniketan, it's tribal flavored cultural surroundings and it's rich intellectual heritage. We opened up Panthashala to them as they often seriously needed some homely accommodation in Shantiniketan.

Near to Nature the Natural Way
Shantiniketan was popularly known as ‘Bhubandanga’ after the landlord of Raipur in Birbhum – Bhuban Mohan Sinha who owned this site. It was given on lease to Rabindranath Tagore’s father – Debendranath Tagore who rechristened it ‘Shantiniketan’ meaning ‘abode of peace’ owing to the beautiful and serene surroundings of this site. It gradually grew up as an educational hub. Rabindranath turned it into a centre for excellence for studies in arts, music, dance and the humanities.

Over the decades after that, many trees have been planted, sculptures have been installed and small cottages have been constructed following traditional tribal styles of the locality. All these were done in harmony with the nature. Panthashala, your own home in Shantiniketan is planned, designed and constructed in full harmony with the surrounding serene nature. This is the perfect place to feel and enjoy Shantiniketan to the fullest. It takes you nearer to the nature surrounding Shantiniketan the most natural way. You will enjoy the ambiance of Shantiniketan to the fullest.

The home stay Panthashala is located adjacent to Illambazar Forest. This specific location adds to exoticness of the ambiance and to some extent rouses the feeling of a forest bungalow.

Your Home Away from Home in Shantiniketan
Round the world in tourism industry, the concept “Home Stay” has become very popular in recent times, particularly when you want a peaceful stay in the lap of serene nature. The din and bustle of a big hotel would only make you remember your hectic city life. It's one of the reasons because of which home stays have become popular these days. The same thing can be said about Panthashala too.

As we have already mentioned, we built Panthashala for us only. We used best quality of fittings, equipments, sanitary wares and accessories here which we would have used in our own homes. The design and facilities will give you first hand feeling of a well maintained home. The food available here is delicious, healthy and bears the traditional exotic essence. At the same time, the bear the homely touch. In every nook and corner of Panthashala, you can feel the homely warmth.