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Precautions You Must Take While Travelling During The Pandemic


As flying to holiday destinations is likely off the table due to the global pandemic, it is anticipated that there will be a resurgence of road trips. The safest mode of travelling during Covid19 is solo driving. Recent surveys show that most travellers would like to travel by personal car than any other form of transportation and they are likely to choose destinations close to the metro cities that can be reached within a few hours’ drive.

We often fantasize about exotic travel destinations and wait to tick them off from our bucket list. Engrossed in fantasy, we often overlook the beautiful places close to our home. Shantiniketan is among one such perfect weekend destinations that will provide you great relief from the unbearable monotony of this situation and fill your heart and mind with the much-needed peace you were searching for. Sign up for a cultural trip while getting enthralled by serene nature simultaneously. Take out your good old car, update the playlist and get ready to spice up your routine by going for a long drive.

But wait, what about travel precautions? As we have entered into the era of “new normal”, we have to be very cautious about the safety measures required to protect ourselves from the virus.

Checklist for your safe road trip during the pandemic:

1. Before you set out for the journey, sanitise your car well. Clean the dashboard, steering wheel, seat belt buckle and gear shift using alcohol-based wipes as these are the most touched surfaces in a car. Always wipe the surfaces from left to right and never wipe back on the same surface twice. Consider cleaning seats, ceiling and windowpanes too.

2. Pack smartly to avoid any exposure to the virus. Carry sufficient clothes, scarves and cover-ups to protect yourself from dust and pollution. Extra face masks, hand sanitizers and gloves are must as you might not get an opportunity to wash your hands or masks frequently. Pile up on masks as there is skyrocketing demand and you cannot be sure of their availability always. Keep disposable gloves with you all the time.

3. Keep your car emergency kit handy. Be prepared for any emergency breakdown in the middle of the way so that you can fix it yourself. The emergency kit must include the fundamental tools, car jack, puncture repair kit, jumper cables, an LED torch and fuses, among other essentials.

4. Keep soft neck pillow or cushion for a comfortable journey. The neck pillow will provide support to your neck and body and can help you feel a bit relaxed even after long hours of driving. Don’t forget to carry a first-aid kit including necessary medicines and a thermometer to monitor your temperature in case you feel uneasy.

5. Take proper precautions while stopping at any gas station or rest stop. Be mindful what you are touching during the journey. Always wear a mask when you are getting out of your car and wash your hands properly or use hand sanitizer after using the toilet. Consider digital payments as much as possible.

6. There are many hotels near Bolpur, Shantiniketan but you have to be very cautious while choosing your accommodation. Panthashala is offering a suitable homely resort near Shantiniketan which has a vast area so that you can maintain social distancing norms properly. Here all the relevant protocols including thermal checking, frequent sanitisation, keeping interaction between staff and guests to the minimum are followed. We also ensure the rooms are thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and our staffs follow all the mandatory precautions like wearing masks, gloves etc.

7. Carry enough dry food so that you can satiate your hunger if you can’t find a suitable restaurant or ‘dhaba’ on the way. Carry disposable plates, cups and glasses along with bottles of juices or energy drinks. We often feel sceptic about food hygiene during travel. The food you consume should be thoroughly cooked. Avoid eating any food which is left exposed for a long time. However, at Panthashala you can be completely assured of the quality or purity of food and water. We serve delicious, healthy meals that bear the traditional exotic essence along with the homely touch. The food served here pass through strict quality check and prepared maintaining the highest level of hygiene.

However, if you’re feeling clear symptoms of any illness, not necessarily coronavirus – it is advisable not to step out from your home. Staying safe should be our primary concern now.


Road trips are anticipated to rise and going to be the only safe option to break free from the depression and monotony of staying indoors for months. Here is a checklist for you to plan a long drive and safe trip to Shantiniketan.