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Exploring Shantiniketan Uniquely by Staying at Panthashala

Exploring Shantiniketan Uniquely by Staying at Panthashala

Staying in Shantiniketan is always a unique experience if you choose the right hotel in Bolpur. The right hospitality accommodation will make sure that you have a memorable stay in the town and explore its attractions thoroughly. In this case, Panthashala is one of the top destinations for travellers to Shantiniketan. It offers not just the best amenities and facilities for guests, but also a highly strategic location in the heart of the town, enabling easier access to major attractions in and around Bolpur. 

One of the leading hotels in Bolpur, Panthashala is synonymous with comfort and convenience. It is situated right next to the Ilambazar Forest which is a pristine location with abundant greenery and a tranquil ambience. At the same time, it offers everything from Wi-Fi to flat-screen LED televisions to a restaurant and a lot more. Staying here will undoubtedly be a wonderful experience, while you can also explore Shantiniketan uniquely while covering some popular areas nearby as well. Here’s looking at the same in this article. 

Special Tours Arranged by Panthashala for Guests

In a bid to make their experience more fulfilling, Panthashala offers specially curated and guided tours that cover several destinations in and around the heritage town. One of the biggest attractions for tourists is the Jungle Safari. It is done in a Toto with a maximum of four people and the estimated duration of the experience is approximately three hours. Travellers can explore various places including the Fossil Park and the Ajay River Bank along with Lakhishayar and venturing deep into the Ilambazar Forest from the nearby Dhalla bus stop. Along with this tour, there is another one offered by Panthashala called The Ethnic Santiniketan. This tour takes place in a vehicle like the Ambassador or Tata Indica or any equivalent. 

A maximum of four people can be accommodated in the car and the tour duration is around 5-6 hours. Guests can explore the fascinating Amar Kutir and Khowai Haat nearby in addition to Prakriti Bhawan, Uttarayn, Patha Bhavan and other landmarks on the Visva-Bharati campus. Other destinations included in this tour include the Kopai River and Deer Park along with Silpogram and the charming Polashbani Village. The Explore Birbhum tour is done in a Tata Indica or Ambassador or any other equivalent vehicle, while accommodating four people in a car together. The whole duration is 8-10 hours and the destinations covered include nearby landmarks including the Mama Bhagne Hill, Hetampur Palace, Massanjore Dam and the Bakreshwar Hot Spring. 

You can also opt for a Temple Tour which is done in a similar Ambassador or Tata Indica (four people in a car) and the duration is 3-4 hours. The places covered include the Fullara Devi Sakti Peeth and the Kankalitala Sakti Peeth. The Tarapith Trip offers similar vehicles and accommodation while taking 6-7 hours. It helps guests get a feel of the iconic Sakti Peeth in Tarapith while they can easily offer prayers at the temple and also visit the other attractions in the town. 

Panthashala offers these special guided tours that enable guests to enjoy visiting some of Shantiniketan’s nearby attractions and other destinations which are located within the heritage town. They are reasonably priced and add a whole new dimension to the experiences of guests during their stay in Panthashala. 

Special Experiences in Shantiniketan- A Glimpse

Some of Shantiniketan’s most unique experiences are to be found in these locations: 

  • Amar Kutir- It is a beautiful handicrafts village that is an iconic destination in Shantiniketan. It is known for its shawls, handloom sarees and other local handicrafts made by the artisans of the town. Traditional art forms of the state of West Bengal can be observed here including Dokra, woodcarving and pottery. 
  • Joydev-Kenduli- You can get a different feel of Shantiniketan and the surrounding region by visiting this quaint village on the Ajay River banks. It is associated with the legendary Bengali poet Jaydev. It is believed that he composed his famous Geet Govinda at this spot. A fair is held here every year at the time of the Makar Sankranti Festival. 
  • Kankalitala- A Sakti Peeth, the temple is just 25 kilometres away from Bolpur. It is dedicated to Goddess Kali and is well-known for its spiritual atmosphere, the lovely surroundings and delicious food served at the stalls outside the temple complex. 
  • Khoai Mela- This is a fabulous market that is set up every Saturday by the local artisans and craftsmen of the village. It is just a few kilometres away from Bolpur and is known for the unique treats served here including Khaja and Pitha along with the plethora of souvenirs, handicrafts, accessories, apparel and other items for sale here. 
  • Boner Pukur Danga- It is a pristine lake that is situated on the outskirts of Bolpur town. There are lovely trees surrounding the spot while it is also popular among picnickers. Numerous bird species can be spotted here too. 
  • Kopai River- Immerse yourself in the feel of the town as you camp on the banks of the Kopai River. It is easily accessible from Bolpur and is surrounded by lovely greenery and trees. 

Signing Off

Shantiniketan is a treasure trove of wonders for travellers. It is also well connected to some of West Bengal’s biggest landmarks which they can explore on their trips. Panthashala is one of the top hotels in Bolpur that tourists can consider for memorable stays in Shantiniketan. It offers the best amenities and a highly strategic location which are major plus points for guests. On that note, here’s hoping for a magical holiday in Shantiniketan with the soothing sounds of the birds, abundant greenery and unmatched cultural fervor for company. If you have not booked your accommodation yet, reach out to Panthashala at the earliest.