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Things to consider while booking your accommodation during Covid19

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Travelling was on hold for months due to the pandemic which is still looming on. As businesses are beginning to reopen and travel destinations are opening their doors for tourists, many people are itching to travel again. But many are wondering is it safe to travel during Covid19?

Well, the pandemic is far from being over and we are not sure when will things become like before! With the restrictions have been eased and public places and some modes of transportation have gradually started functioning again, people will venture out for work, travelling and other purposes. Staying confined in homes for months, many are feeling the need to go for a vacation to get a change of scenery. The constant anxiety and stress piling up for months now, a short weekend getaway or road trip closer to home can heal you in many ways. So instead of sulking about the situation, if you decide to take some calculated risks to step out for a short trip, finding a proper accommodation is a must. Consider not only your own vulnerability, but also that of the people you anticipate interacting with.

Here are a few tips to maximize safety while booking an accommodation:

1. Pick a suitable destination:

Be it an overnight trip or a weekend gateway, the first thing to keep in mind while travelling now is picking your destination wisely. Research about regional transmission rates of your destination. You should of course, avoid destinations that are seeing spikes in coronavirus cases. Travelling too far will also pose a risk as situations are still uncertain. Road trip by self-owned car is the safest option now. If you are staying in Kolkata, Santiniketan can be a wonderful destination to spend a weekend as the serenity and calm of the place will provide you the much needed peace of mind.

2. Know about the safety measures:

While booking an accommodation, make sure the hotel administration is taking the pandemic seriously. Always find out what sanitation policies are in place to encourage safety among guests and staff. Seek out information about implementation of social distance,frequent disinfecting, 24-hour vacancy between guest departures etc. before booking. Stay in a reputed property that discloses their cleaning tactics. Panthashala offers homestay near VisvaBharati, situated in a vast piece of land which provides enough space for social distancing. Additionally, the common areas are sanitized frequently to ensure safety for the guests as well as the staffs. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are also readily available throughout the place.

3. Ask for a suitable room:

Request for a room that has been empty for a few days. As people are travelling less during the pandemic, hotels are not likely to be at capacity. So, requesting a room that hasn’t been entered within the last 72 hours should not hurt anyone. By doing so you can lower the risk of coming into contact with any viable virus on different surfaces. Infectious droplets can remain viable on soft, plush surfaces for long. Booking a room that has been emptied just before your arrival might make you come in contact with virus particles lingering in the air and on any of the surfaces within a hotel room.

4. Minimize social interaction:

You are most vulnerable when you are being in close contact with other people. Avoid common places of the hotel as much as possible. Wear mask in the lobby or other common areas. Take stairs instead of riding elevators with strangers. Panthashala offers homemade food prepared with highest safety precautions in place. The cooking and dining areas are sanitised frequently. You can dine-in there or order room service to minimize your social interaction. Bring your own pen to sign any document and hold your IDs to be viewed rather than handing it to someone to skip hand-to-hand contact at check-in.

5. Take some extra precautions:

Though hotels are implementing various safety measures, be extra cautious to ensure your safety at your stay. Always wear a mask in public areas and clean your hand regularly after touching any contaminated surface or before eating. Carry a disinfectant with yourself and do a quick clean yourself, especially on high-touch areas like doorknobs, light switches, TV remotes, tables or countertops to have the peace of mind. Open your room windows and let fresh air in. Decline housekeeping services to reduce the number of people you come in contact. Handle your own luggage, or arrange for no-contact delivery. Remember, the pandemic is not over yet and all the precautions that you have been taking to protect yourself still apply when you are on a vacation.


Staying confined in homes for months, it might be tempting to go for a vacation to get a change of scenery. But be very cautious to choose your accommodation. Here are some safety tips for a worry-free holiday.