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Enjoying Immersive Experiences in Shantiniketan


Are you travelling to Shantiniketan anytime soon? If yes, then you should certainly make a list of landmarks and attractions that promise immersive experiences. You will find several options pertaining to a hotel in Shantiniketan, including reputed names like Panthashala if you want the right fusion of comfort and convenience. Here is a list of attractions that promise such experiences as stated earlier. 

Best Attractions in Shantiniketan for Special Experiences 

You should first opt for a hotel near Visva Bharati since it will help you access the town centre and other major landmarks easily. Thereafter, make sure you immerse yourself in the unique feel of Shantiniketan by visiting these destinations. 

  1. Kopai River- The Kopai River is actually a tributary of the Mayurakshi River. It flows right past the town and you can visit the river bank for a soothing time with your loved ones. The overall experience will be immensely relaxing, to say the least. Spending a morning or evening here will be worthwhile for sure. 
  2. Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary and Deer Park- Immerse yourself in the soothing greenery and picturesque landscapes all around as you visit this attraction in Sriniketan. The deer park is a major tourist landmark, home to several species and you will have a great time spotting the animals as they prance around in their habitat. 
  3. Sonajhuri Haat- What is Shantiniketan without its famous Sonajhuri Haat? Picture a bustling market within the forest spreading over a vast area near the Kopai River. The Haat takes place every Saturday although it opens nowadays almost every other day from 10 AM onwards. You can shop for authentic handicrafts of the region including clay and terracotta dolls along with neckpieces and other accessories. Aside from jewellery and musical instruments, you will also find home décor pieces and Batik-printed garments in addition to Kantha stitch dupattas, stoles, sarees, bags, and more. Baul music and local delicacies will add to your experience for sure. 
  4. Srijoni Shilpagram- It is a well-known cultural hub showcasing the heritage, musical instruments, traditions, paintings, and weaves of several states including Sikkim, Assam, Manipur, Jharkhand and Tripura along with Bihar, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Odisha. Venture into the smaller museums made of bamboo and mud with beautiful paintings. You can also view the tribal cultures of each of these states along with checking out folk paintings showcased in the art gallery at the entrance. 
  5. Uttarayana Complex- Getting the real feel of Shantiniketan is not possible without a visit to this complex. The Ashram is the core zone where there are numerous buildings which are deeply-linked to the Poet Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. This complex contains the houses where he lived at several stages of his life. Three houses are present here along with the Udayan museum. On the opposite stretch is the Shantiniketan Griha, which was the first home built by Maharshi Debendranath Tagore, Rabindranath Tagore’s father. The Chatimtala is also another landmark here along with the Upasana Griha (meditation hall) that was built in 1863 by him with marble steps and Belgian glass. You can also stroll onto the departments and hostels nearby including the Kala Bhavana, Patha Bhavana, Vidya Bhavana, Cheena Bhavana, Hindi Bhavana, Sangeet Bhavana, and the Ananda Pathshala. 

These are the places that you should not miss while in Shantiniketan in order to enjoy truly immersive experiences in the town. Make sure you book a good hotel in Shantiniketan and arrange your travel itinerary beforehand. These are all special landmarks that deserve to be explored in order to understand the essence of the place and its cultural magnificence.