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Top Spiritual Destinations In and Around Shantiniketan


Have you been planning a trip to Shantiniketan anytime soon? If yes, then you should consider choosing a reputed hotel in Shantiniketan like Panthashala. It will be your ideal homestay in Bolpur, centrally located and well connected to all the major landmarks of the town and beyond. You can also expect the best facilities for a comfortable stay. Once you arrange your stay and transportation, you can finalize some spiritual destinations that you can explore in and around Shantiniketan. 

Best Spiritual Places to Visit In/Near Shantiniketan 

Some of the most famous spiritual places near or in Shantiniketan include the following. 

  1. Kankalimata Temple- Kankalitala, as the place is known, is a Shakti Peeth and a hugely famous temple in West Bengal. It is around 14 kilometres away from Bolpur town and can be accessed through a scenic drive. You will fall in love with the serene ambience and the riverbank location of the temple along with the Baul performances here. Offer your prayers and feast on local snacks with tea in the outside complex if you are hungry. 
  2. Buddha Stupa- The Buddha Stupa is a major attraction in the area and can be accessed on the way to Srijoni Shilpagram. It is maintained by the Shantiniketan Ambedkar Buddhist Welfare Mission. You will love viewing this massive statue and also exploring the surrounding tribal villages. 
  3. Tarapith- Another iconic Shakti Peeth in West Bengal, it is about 80 kilometres away from Bolpur. The revered pilgrimage site can also be accessed from the Rampurhat railway station. Tarapith is known for its historic temple where you can offer your prayers and its bustling market where you can have a filling meal while also shopping for trinkets and souvenirs. The cremation ground here is another hallowed spot for its association with Tantriks and their rituals. 
  4. Bakreswar- It is another popular pilgrimage spot that is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Mahismardini.  Located on the banks of the Paaphara and Bakreswar rivers, this holy place has several intriguing beliefs behind its creation. In addition to the Bakreswar Shiva Linga and Astabakra Linga, there are 108 Shiva Lingas that you will find throughout the entire area. Ten hot springs are also present. It is believed that the water is rich in minerals and comes with healing powers as a result. Many of these springs gush out at temperatures exceeding 60 degrees. Each spring also has its own mythological legend or tale. Agni Kund, one of the more well-known ones, reportedly has a temperature touching 200F. Bakreswar is just 45 kilometres away from Bolpur and 65 kilometres from Rampurhat. There are ashrams surrounding the main temple here that you can also visit. Several people prefer taking baths in the hot springs while a famous Mela or fair takes place each year on the day of Shivratri. It is frequented by people from several parts of the state. 

Hence, if you are interested in spiritual destinations in and around Bolpur and other parts of Shantiniketan, these are some of the places that you should not miss visiting. Choose your homestay in Bolpur and make all the arrangements for your travel accordingly. All these places can be easily accessed via your own car or rented cabs. Bus connectivity is also available to places like Bakreswar and Tarapith. Ensure that you do your homework on each destination before you visit, in order to understand the cultural and religious significance. Birbhum is a land of spiritual marvels and staying in Bolpur gives you access to some of West Bengal’s most hallowed religious landmarks.